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A second Belgian Pagerank 10 website is the portal of League of European Research Universities. The website created by a Flemish company
A second Belgian Pagerank 10 website

Google PageRank

This list of PR10-website in Europe in quite small.

Therefore, I'm happy to receive the news from the Flemish webcompany Blau that one of their creations reached the maximum Pagerank for one of their clients.


"LERU, The League of European Research Universities, is as an association of
twenty-one leading research-intensive universities that share the values of high-quality teaching within an environment of internationally competitive research. Founded in 2002, LERU advocates education through an awareness of the frontiers of human understanding; the creation of new knowledge through basic research, which is the ultimate source of innovation in society; and the promotion of research across a broad front in partnership with industry and society at large."

A Belgian Pagerank 10 website

This site has a PR of 10:  (last checked May 18 2011)

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